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OSCAR WILDE'S LOVE SONG is a supernatural novella about Carina Angelo, an English literature professor who places a love letter on the grave of Oscar Wilde, then spends three days in Paris seduced by the writer's ghost in a haunting liaison. Based on the famous Irish legend, this story features an unpublished poetry fragment taken from the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library at UCLA, composed in 1876 and left unfinished. Only through the mysticism of his words will she revive his soul, creating a spiritual pathway... an eternal bond.

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Cover Art: Leta Nolan Childers

“I believe any fan of poetry would like this tale. Not just fans of Wilde's either! If you find yourself often reading Poe, Frost, or others, you would dearly love this novella!” -Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews-

“Seductive. OSCAR WILDE’S LOVE SONG by Julia Ann Charpentier is an experience in itself. Carina Angelo finds herself overwhelmed by the mesmerizing apparition of Oscar Wilde as haunting sensual nights leave her desperate for a love she can only find in her dreams. You'll be entranced as you read this evocative love story as Carina and Oscar discover a way to cross the dauntless barriers to gain a love eternal.” -Kim's Reviews-