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Based on over one hundred rare sources,
VALENTINO: ICON OF ROMANCE will thrill fans of silent film. Enshrouded in mystery is a fascinating individual concealed too long behind his persona. Women wept, yearned, and fantasized about him. Men coveted and copied his mysterious style. And both lined the railroad tracks when his body was transported back to the Tinsel Town that made him famous.

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Cover Art: Leta Nolan Childers

“Charpentier sees in Valentino's appeal a precursor to the rise and enduring popularity of romance novels. Her introduction draws parallels between Valentino's oft-criticized persona and the perplexity expressed by romance novelists who sell millions of books but who are sneered at by critics. The common thread... is the mystery and mysticism of romance, which defies analysis.” -Gregory Harris, The Book Page-

“Screen idol Rudolph Valentino is presented... as a mysteriously erotic screen personality shortchanged by the studios and denied the chance to play the more serious roles he desired. Charpentier has written extensively about Valentino in romance and nostalgia periodicals.” -Publishers Weekly-